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1. ‘Is that car German?’ ‘Yes, _____ is.’

2. Which is the correct plural of one person

3. I’m Irish. _____ family is from Dublin.

4. Choose the correct sentence:

5. He’s American. He’s from _____.

6. What _____ next weekend?

7. This is _____ old film. Have you seen it?

8. We _____ to the cinema last night.

9. That man drives _____. Don’t get in his car!

10. How _____ bread do you eat?

11. Hello! Come in. I’ve ________ made some coffee. Would you like some?

12. ‘I don’t want to go the party.’ ‘________ do I.’

13. He ________ invite them to dinner if he didn’t want them to come.

14. We’ve lived in the same house ________ 20 years.

15. Can you turn ________ the radio? I want to listen to the weather forecast.

16. She can run ________ than her brother.

17. Speaker A: We’ve met before, ________?
Speaker B: Yes, two years ago.

18. The book ________ in 1990.

19. Jorge ________ playing football. He couldn’t walk properly for weeks.

20. It’s a real ________ story. I was frightened from beginning to end.

21. My brother ________ in Peru for three months. He’s really enjoying himself.

22. Students ________ talk during the exam. It’s against the rules.

23. I ________ go out a lot at weekends, but now I stay at home.

24. I would have gone to the party if I ________ you were there.

25. I showed my student card and got a 20% ________on the books.

26. I wanted to buy some tickets for the play, but they’d sold ________.

27. The woman with ________ I worked in Barcelona now lives in London.

28. ________ the plane departed late, we arrived in Hawaii on time.

29. The children promised not ________ anyone about the surprise party.

30. Do you know what time ________?

31. He has a ________ car, which he drives much too fast.

32. I’ll tell you as soon as I ________ to my father.

33. You can only carry one piece of ________ on the plane with you.

34. When I was at school, I learnt lots of poems by ________.

35. Pull your socks ________ or you won’t pass your exams.

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